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Leeson Motors
Baldor Motors
AC Motors
Magnetic Starters
Phase Converters

AC Variable Speed Drives, QC Series 1-150Hp Constant Torque, 1-250Hp Variable Torque and MC Series -60Hp-Nema 1, Nema 12, Nema 4, Nema 4X-SCF and SCN Series -25HP

Drive Isolation Transformers, AC Line Reactors, Dry Type Distribution, Industrial Control, Boost-Buck, Uninterruptible Power supplies, DC Power Supplies, Line Conditioners

Formerly Magnetek, AC & DC Motors

AC&DC Motors, AC&DC Variable Speed Drives, Gearmotors, Reducers, Grinders, Tachometers, Portable Generators, Servo Motors and Controls, Electronic Soft Starts

Carbon Brushes, Radio Energie Tachometers

AC&DC Variable Speed Drives, Engineered Drive Systems, Interface Cards, Load Cells, Encoders, Sonictrac Measuring Units, Tachometers, DC Motors, Electronic Soft Starts, Dancer Duty Potentiometers

Magnetic Disc Brakes, Double C-Face, Adjustable Torque Clutch

Magnetic Disc Brakes, Double C-Face, Adjustable Torque Clutch

Drive Isolation Transformers, Dry Type, Unit Substation, Boost Buck

AC&DC Motors, Tachometers

Shinko Speed Reducers, SKK Reducers and helical gearmotors

Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders

Drive Isolation Transformers

Tachometers, Digital Tachos, Analog Tachos, Encoders, EURO-Flange, Overspeed Switches, Sensors

Industrial Packing & Seals, Pac Seal, Flowserve

Variable Frequency AC Drives, Clutches, Brakes

AC&DC Electric Motors, AC&DC Variable Speed Drives, Reducers, Gearmotors

Gearmotors, Reducers, Clutches, Brakes, AC Variable Speed Drives, Servo Motors and Controls, Vector Drives

AC Variable Frequency Drives

Phase Converters

Carbon Brushes

Motor Bases, Adapter Bases, Reducer Bases, Rails, Scoops, Specials

DC Motors, Hydraulic Mount, Low Voltage DC, Specialty DC

Reducers, Stainless Steel Motors, AC Motors, Gearmotors, Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives, Electronic Brakes, Electronic Soft Starts, Vector Motors, V-Belt Drives, Hydrostatic Variators, Couplings

Fractional Horsepower Motors

AC&DC Electric Motors, Reducers, Gearmotors, Mechanical Variable Drives, Vertical Motors

Crusher Duty Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Metric Motors

Through our Allied Partners we also offer competitive pricing on most major manufacturers such as Bodine, Eurodrive, Hawker Siddeley, Marathon, Lincoln, Reliance Electric, Saftronics, Stearns, TECO, Toshiba, and Yaskawa.